Voice Teacher Takes Her Own Advice And Captivates “AGT” Judges With Powerful Vocals.

Woman named Lachuné sings with her eyes closed on the "America's Got Talent" stage.

As a part-time voice teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, Lachuné has made it her job to encourage her students to take chances whenever they can. After a while, however, she made a realization so many of us do at some point in our lives: She wasn’t taking her own advice.

Although Lachuné grew up in what she calls a “singing family,” she mainly kept to the side, observing. Even as she started to pursue music more, she never put herself out there as much as she really wanted… that is until she took the spotlight on the “America’s Got Talent” stage!

“I am here because I’m taking my own advice,” Lachuné told the judges. “As a teacher you’re always sitting on the opposite side of the piano and you’re always pouring into them and saying, ‘Yay! Take the initiative. Don’t get too comfortable. Go for it. Be yourself. And after a while, I started to get a little convicted about it. Because I was like, well, am I doing the same thing? And so today is about coming out here, taking initiative, and being along with my students.”

Lachuné sang “Yellow” by Coldplay, a song that perfectly showcases her beautiful yet powerful vocals. The audience was so captivated, you could hear just how silent they were in the moment between her song ending and the second they erupted into cheers.

Watch Lachuné’s captivating performance in the video below.

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