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Singer Manipulates Voice To Sound Like Electric Guitar & We Can’t Tell The Difference.

michael gregorio

Some people are born with a beautiful singing voice, while others work hard to hone it during hours of practice. This guy’s talent, though, was clearly something he was born with – because honestly, we’re not sure how you’d ever teach yourself to do it.

This is Michael Gregorio, a French performer who is famous for his uncanny musical impressions which range from Nirvana and Jay Z, to Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong.


He’s incredibly talented, to say the least, but one of his most viral performances has nothing to do with singing lyrics, but singing, well… an electric guitar.


It may seem ridiculous, but Michael is spot on with his impression of a six-string axe. His vocal version of Gary Moore’s famous guitar on “Parisienne Walkways” is mind-blowing. He even adds a perfect vibrato with his voice and his hand motions.


And of course his bandmates, with real guitars, walk up beside him for a guitar battle royale – you can’t even tell the difference between the real instrument solos and Gregorio’s vocal version.


It’s a performance that brought the crowd to its feet. And Gregorio continues to tour Europe, singing in front of millions of people each year.


Watch Michael’s talent in the video below. We promise you won’t believe your ears and don’t forget to share this story with a fellow music lover!

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