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Viral Photo Of Pregnant Supermom Working With Child On Her Back Inspires Working Moms Everywhere.

Have you ever seen a supermom? She always seems to somehow have six arms that juggle between caring for kids and handling an endless list of tasks all at one time. She also has the ability to fly from room to room, house to car, car to school, and school to work all while making it look effortless.

Maybe you are one of these moms! If you are, you know that while it may look easy – it definitely isn’t. It is hard, self-sacrificing work. But at the same time, there are moments when you have the ability to bring so much joy to others and triumph over obstacles. A photo of one supermom, who was left in a lurch by a babysitter, has gone viral.

14192634_10154015239136785_7775578865539670615_nvia Facebook

This is a photo of Dr. Megan McMahan Meier caring for an injured football player on the sidelines. She is a sports medicine physician and a selfless mother. And when you look closer at the photo… you can not only see her daughter strapped to her back, but there is also a baby bump from another little one on the way!

Megan said she didn’t plan on taking her 3-year-old daughter to the football game that night, but her husband is away serving in the Navy Reserves and the babysitter canceled right before the game. Instead of calling out of work, Megan did what she had to do. She took her daughter to the football game, strapped her on her back and started to care for the athletes under her care.

“The picture went viral overnight,”Meier told Babble. “I’m usually pretty private. How do I do all this without sounding like I’m tooting my own horn? It all feels uncomfortable. I only posted it in a physician moms group because I thought it was funny, and I knew other doctor moms would understand. I just want to keep things positive and represent doctors, moms and sports medicine in a good way!â€

The woman who uploaded the picture on Facebook captioned it, “This is my favorite picture of the year so far. This is a woman who is a sports medicine doc and a team physician for most of the year. She is 34 weeks pregnant, her husband is out of town, her child care for her three-year old fell through, and she had a game to work.”

The unexpected, viral photo is now a popular representation of the everyday working mom.

“I feel like this picture represents what all doctors/working moms do every day. This pic is from a Friday night when I had my 3-year-old on my back, 35-week-old baby in my tummy, and a hurt kiddo in front of me. I kept my girls safe while I took care of my team.â€

We love her fighting spirit and how she cares for her family. Way to go Dr. Meier!

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