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Man Hears Teen Playing Violin At Garage Sale & Returns With Touching Gift.

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Some people’s love of music is so powerful, you can feel it before you even hear them play.

Such was the case when one of our readers Tom S. happened upon a young violinist at, of all places, a neighborhood yard sale. Tom was perusing the goods at the tag sale near his home when he noticed a teenager standing off to the side, earnestly playing his violin.

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“I was completely in awe of his musical talent. It was as though he was ‘married’ to that violin, and his expression while playing was very moving in the rendition of the music,” Tom told us.

Since Tom is a music aficionado himself, he approached the young man and started a conversation about his playing. Tom learned that the boy was Kyle Patterson, a 17-year-old high school student from Gregory, Michigan. Kyle had been playing the violin for six years, a fact which Tom found to be readily apparent based on his impressive level of skill.

Tom asked Kyle if he’d ever heard of classical musician Yo-Yo Ma, and his album “Appalachian Journey.” Kyle said he wasn’t sure if he’d heard those recordings, and this sparked an idea in Tom’s heart.

yo-yo ma album

Rushing home, he told his wife what he was up to and she joined him as he grabbed two CDs from his music library and walked back over to the yard sale.

Kyle was still playing his instrument when Tom approached, and when he paused, Tom held out the CDs. “After he finished the tune he was presently playing, I showed him the albums and his eyes lit up,” Tom said. They discussed the music on the disks, but when the young man tried to give them back, Tom shook his head.

Courtesy of Tom S.

“He handed the CDs back to me and I stopped him and said, ‘You keep these! I am sure you will enjoy them as much, if not more, than I do.'”

Kyle was thrilled to receive the gift, and Tom was happy to have done something nice for someone whom he didn’t know, but who clearly shared a common interest. As he got to know Kyle more, he learned that in addition to his musical prowess, the high schooler holds a black belt in karate and is planning a trip with other musicians to China after he graduates. Tom was even more impressed with the hard work Kyle is clearly used to giving to everything he does!

Courtesy of Tom S.

“I felt a very warm glow knowing that a young man would benefit from these albums,” Tom said. “His determination and perseverance has truly touched me to know that there are still some mighty fine people in this somewhat troubled world.”

Well done, Tom! Your actions are a wonderful reminder that we should all look for ways to give to others, even if it’s just a small token from one music lover to another.

Please share this story to wish Kyle good luck with his musical endeavors!

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