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Church Performs Unique “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Cover Using Common Household Items.

While the novel coronavirus pandemic has halted typical services at Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma, it hasn’t stopped the congregation from coming together through song.

Music has always been a big part of the church’s community. Members even get creative sometimes by turning ordinary objects into makeshift instruments. So why not spice up their time at home with a virtual jam session?

victory family church service

The idea came from one of their pastors, who thought it would be fun to cover a popular song on a Zoom call – using only kitchen utensils and appliances!

“Many people have been cooking at home a lot more recently,” said Colten Dean, the church’s audio director. “Someone tossed out the song ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy,’ and it immediately just made sense. I think we really just wanted to do something positive and uplifting for everyone.”

victory family church kitchen jams

The video, which they uploaded to YouTube, starts with a conversation between two members. They start the beat by closing microwave and refrigerator doors.

As other people join in, we hear a stunning melody of saltshakers shaking, mugs and spoons clinking, blenders whirring, and microwave buttons beeping!

Not only is the collaboration impressive, but it’s seriously catchy! We had a hard time not bopping our heads along to the beat.

victory family church kitchen jams

Even better, they transformed the unique cover into a beautiful celebration of togetherness.

“Once the idea started coming together, we quickly realized that it was just a great representation of all the different people in our community, and how we’re all in this together,” Colten said.

victory family church kitchen jams

What a creative way to keep their members entertained and united in quarantine! It’s obvious they have a gift for music – and spreading joy to others.

Listen to “Kitchen Jams” in the video below, and share the good vibes with your friends. For more stories of joy and hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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