Veteran Sends Oliver Anthony Uniform, Medal, & Handwritten Note For Helping Him Through A Dark Time.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Cammies with two letters placed on top. They're letters for Oliver Anthony from a veteran. The second photo shows a selfie of Oliver Anthony smiling.

I’d venture to say that just about everyone has a musician that means more to them than the rest. For some folks, that person is Oliver Anthony. This country-folk artist has an ability to connect deeply with his fans, often taking on topics like mental health and alcoholism. These topics aren’t easy to cover, but the fact that he does is the reason why folks like the veteran in this story consider themselves to be such huge fans.

Being a fan of an artist isn’t a competition, of course, but this former Marine’s kind gesture to Anthony certainly does make him stand out. In a photo shared on social media, Anthony explains that a fan, whom he calls Mr. Long, sent him a letter along with his old Marine uniform he nicknamed cammies, a squadron patch, and a humanitarian medal.

Oliver Anthony Shares Heartwarming Gift From Veteran

“As a vet, I want to say thank you for your music,” Mr. Long’s letter reads. “Depression sucks and I live with it. Seeing you live in the woods, I thought you could use my old cammies. [They’ve] been in my closet since 1995 when I got out. You can pretend to be a tree. LOL.”

To say that Anthony is blown away by this veteran’s kindness is an understatement.

“Hard to put into words what stuff like this means to me. I owe you a handshake, brother,” Anthony says on social media, adding, “Mr. Long, if you see this by chance, I owe you some backstage passes. I don’t know how to get in touch, but maybe if someone recognizes the uniform, tag him in this?”

It seems that Anthony has yet to connect with Mr. Long, but how cool would it be if he did? Either way, this is sure to be a gift that this country-folk singer will never forget.

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