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Very Good Girl Predicts Human Mom’s Fainting Spell During Playtime.

A golden retriever helped her owner avoid a fainting spell.

Service dogs can tell when their help is needed β€” sometimes, even before their humans do! A woman on Instagram shared a story about a time that her golden retriever, Sparrow, was able to predict a fainting spell. The two were playing with one of Sparrow’s toys when, suddenly, the dog started behaving strangely. At first, the owner thought the pooch had lost interest in the game. However, she soon realized that Sparrow was trying to tell her something.

“Enter pre-syncope moments later,” the woman wrote in the caption.

This golden retriever put a pause on playtime to help her owner.
Screengrab from @goldensparrow.assistancedog/Instagram

According to Johns Hopkins, “pre-syncope” refers to “the feeling that you are about to faint.” However, since Sparrow saw the symptoms coming, her owner was able to lie down before they got a chance to get worse.

“Thanks to Sparrow, I managed to avoid the worst symptoms of severe nausea, almost loss of vision & hearing, collapse from upright and resulting weakness,” she said in her post.

Watch the video below to see how Sparrow predicted her owner’s moment of need!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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