We’re Feline Great About These Extremely Relatable Cat Comics.

Ah, cats. Such small, lovable creatures with their adorable toe beans and triangle ears. They’re such little angels!

That is, until they tear up your furniture, puke on the floor, snack on all your plants, and refuse to get off your pillow. But hey! That’s all part of having a cat bestie, something cartoonist Vernessa Himmler knows very well. We adore her hilariously relatable comics about owning felines, and we’ve selected our 15 favorites for our fellow cat-lovers to enjoy.

1. Cats are cuddly little plushies one minute and then – oh gosh, so many teeth! How are their tongues so long?!

2. Might as well just throw out those new tights now!

3. Their long little bodies are just so perfect for lifting. How can we resist?

4. We can’t tell you how many keyboard smashes we’ve accidentally had because of our cats.

5. Ah yes, cat hair hats. The pinnacle of fashion!

6. No spaces are sacred, not even the pillow.

7. Every. Single. Time.

8. See, cats will act like this while sitting on your thigh.

9. Maybe THAT’S why our aloe plant is looking a little peaked…

10. “Hey! Cut it out! You can’t eat that tinsel!”

11. There’s never a moment’s peace.

12. We just buy clothes that match our cat’s fur now.

13. Well, there goes that butterfly.

14. Their little paws are surprisingly grabby!

15. Ah, the indiscernible moods of a Felis catus.

We can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that Vernessa knows cats on another level. How else could her comics be so accurate?

No matter how frustrating it might get some days, we wouldn’t trade our felines for the world. After all, between the midnight shenanigans and curtain-shredding, they are sweet, cuddly creatures who depend on us.

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