15 Cupid-Approved Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Change The Way You And Your Kids Celebrate Love

valentines day gifts for children

Looking to give your kids more than just candy this Valentine’s Day?


This handpicked list includes everything from snuggly plush toys to interactive gifts that spark imagination, helping you celebrate the holiday a little differently this year. 

1. Celebrate love with the help of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. 


Let’s be honest; few things know how to tug on our heartstrings like nostalgia and children’s books do. “Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar” simplifies what love means so your kiddos understand the reason for the season. 

Plus, who doesn’t love the adorable pictures in Eric Carle’s books? 

2. These Valentine’s Day candies are a favorite for a reason. 


Struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day candy exchange for your kid’s class? Look no further! A pack of 22 Fun Dip candies adds a colorful and creative touch to any event (without breaking the bank). 

Customers particularly love Fun Dip’s tasty flavors, including Cherry and RazzApple!

3. Nothing says “Valentine’s” like heart-print PJs. 


Make sure little ones are dressed for the holiday of love with these comfortable, warm, and extremely soft pajama sets. Not only are they high-quality, these PJs are undoubtedly the cutest on the market!  

As one buyer put it: “They’re sized well, comfortable, and nice for these cold winter days.”

4. Get their wheels turning with an activity book from Curious George. 


With over 90 pages of fun, this Curious George activity book is the ideal way to distract and entertain little ones. 

Customers love the variety of activities and creative prompts the book offers. Plus, the 

Valentine’s Day stickers bring a new level of fun to the holiday!

5. Light up Valentine’s Day with an illuminating Crayola tracing pad.


Crayola’s light-up tracing pad engages kids ages 6 and up, encouraging them to flex their creative muscles. And with over 100 traceable images, your little ones will never get bored. 

Buyer reviews praise the product’s portable design because it allows kids to work from virtually any location (meaning you aren’t left entertaining them).

6. This mystery box of Squishmallows is an easy way to spread love. 


These 5-inch Squishmallows are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for children of all ages (or adults who are children at heart!). The box includes 5 new soft and cute Squishmallows for 2024. 

Here’s a promising buyer review: 

“My daughter absolutely loved opening the box to see what Mallow’s were inside. I will definitely be buying this box again.” 

7. These build-your-own Dinosaur sets let your kid stand out during classroom exchanges. 


Let’s be honest: kids get more than enough sugary treats from classroom exchanges. So why not switch things up with these dinosaur building block sets?! 

The 24-pack set is both an educational and fun way to enhance creativity. 

“The kids play with them over and over, unlike most Valentine’s Day trinkets,” one buyer writes. 

Long story short, building their own dinosaur is a sure way to enjoy Valentine’s in an imaginative way! 

8. Lego roses mark the occasion and make for a unique and fun gift for kids 8 and up. 


Anything from Lego’s iconic Botanical Collection is a win. But for Valentine’s Day, the 120-piece rose set is the way to go. 

On top of that, these Lego roses are a longer-lasting alternative to fresh roses! 

“I’m obsessed with these never-dying flowers! And they were fun to put together,” one satisfied customer writes. For under $20, you might as well get two sets: one for your little one and one for you!

9. Make bath time fun again with a Two Sisters scented bath bomb. 


Say goodbye to dreadful baths with this long-lasting holiday-themed bath bomb. 

These bath-time favorites include kid-safe features like skin-safe ingredients and moisturizing elements. And as a bonus, each bath bomb includes a whimsical Vanetine’s toy, adding another level of fun to bath time!

“The toy was a hit!” one reviewer claims, with several others chiming in that the bath bombs are high-quality and scented nicely!

10. Looking for a cuteness overload? Check out this adorable plush sloth for V-Day. 


You can never go wrong with a Valentine’s Day-themed stuffed animal as a gift. These plush sloth cuties made by Bearington have incredibly soft fur and unparalleled craftsmanship. 

Many buyers attest the stuffed animal was even cuter in person than the photos online! 

On top of that, many reviewers noted how well-made these products are, ensuring they last for many Valentine’s Days to come!

11. Heart-shaped crystals and gemstones as party favors? That rocks! 


Another way to spice up classroom exchange gifts is by swapping candy for natural crystals! 

This 24-pack of punny Valentine’s cards and accompanying heart-shaped crystals are the perfect gift for kids to bring. 

Buyers especially loved the variety of crystals, including amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, and six others! 

“They’re the perfect non-candy Valentine’s gift for friends or classmates!” 

12. Give the kids what they want with Galaxy slime kits. 


This 30-pack of slime kits is a fun, creative way to spread Valentine’s Day love to any classroom! 

These best-selling kits are designed to not only be fun but to also relieve stress and enhance hand reflexes. 

Plus, these slime kits are made from high-quality materials that are non-toxic and child-safe. 

“It’s a great choice for kids right now,” one buyer assures.  

13. Add a touch of personalization to your Valentine’s Day gift with these adorable stuffed animals.


A pair of customizable hugging stuffed animal puppies is a cute and cuddly gift for siblings or best friends. 

With the ability to add up to 9 characters to each animal, this gift adds a little special something to the holiday. 

The puppies have Velcro paws to connect them while they embrace, a feature many buyers note is too cute to pass up! 

Also, the stuffed animals are so soft, making them a go-to snuggle buddy for your child. 

14. Get on-theme footwear with these Hello Kitty-inspired Crocs.


Crocs are a great choice for kids of all ages, especially younger ones. 

The pivoting heel strap and lightweight material provide a secure and easy-to-wear fit. Say goodbye to getting frustrated while getting your kids ready to get out the door! 

The Hello Kitty Crocs’ pink color scheme is a perfect match for Valentine’s Day. 

And although the material is lightweight, customers attested these Crocs are built to last! 

15. These over-ear headphones are the perfect accessory for children who enjoy playing games, watching TV, or listening to music. 


Finding practical headphones for children can be tough. But these gorsun over-ear headphones are designed with kids in mind. 

The tangle-free cord and adjustable headband features ensure your kid can do everything they enjoy on their computer or tablet. 

Plus, the pink color scheme is perfect for Valentine’s Day! 

Lastly, these headphones have built-in volume control, protecting your child’s eardrums from excessive noise.

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