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Dad Writes Wife Poem Every Valentine’s Day, 20-Yrs-Later Brings Her To Tears With Emotional Gift.

Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. For some people, that means February 14th is about chocolates and flowers and Hallmark cards. But one couple in Dayton, Ohio celebrates Valentine’s with a very specific tradition: poetry. And this year’s Valentine’s poem is going viral!

Husband JD Whitlock started the tradition of giving his wife, Sara, a poem on Valentine’s back in 1997. Since then, every year JD has written a new poem for his Valentine. This year was JD and Sara’s 20th Valentine’s together, so JD decided to do something special. Rather than writing a new poem, he decided to take one line from each of his poems since the beginning. Together, the lines tell a story of a beautiful life of highs and lows shared together.


JD and Sara’s 18-year-old daughter, Katie, posted a photo of the poem on Twitter along with an explanation and photos of her mom’s reaction. Of course, Sara was in tears

Screenshot (2838)
Screenshot (2839)

From parenting their daughters to battling cancer to getting a dog… The poem perfect captures how, in 20 years, they’ve built a life together on a firm foundation of love.

Screenshot (2840)

The poem is an example of how quickly things can change in life. In 2005, JD celebrates their “home filled to the brim with love.”In 2006, he recalls crying while learning of his wife’s cancer diagnosis. But one thing is the same every year: their love for each other.

“’08: let’s celebrate / that God is so good / and a dozen years later / I still love you so much it hurtsâ€

“’16: It has been a wild ride and a shower of blessings / From a sliding-down-the-wall seizure to “we are sooo luckyâ€

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