Man With “Upside-Down Head” Is Living His Best Life, Rare Condition And All.

The day Claudio Vieira de Oliveira was born, doctors advised his mother to let the child starve to death. Something was far from normal about his appearance. In fact, many would find it disturbing.


But instead of heeding their monstrous suggestion, she took her son home, and loved and nurtured him with everything she had.

Claudio was born with a rare condition that contorted his spine and limbs in a manner none of us are accustomed to. His head rests backwards on his spine, and his limbs lay twisted under him. He essentially has an upside down head – a condition that would depress most people.

But Claudio and his mother refused to let the condition, known as arthrogryposis, hinder his joy in life. In fact, it’s fair to say he is way more joyful than some people who have no health conditions at all.

As Claudio grew, he realized he could walk on his knees, and even use a pen with his mouth and his lips to operate a cell phone. As the years went by his confidence kept growing along with his dreams.

Fast forward to today, Claudio is 46 years old and an accountant, celebrated public speaker and published writer.

Watch part of his amazing story in the video below, and share his beautiful mindset to remind others that happiness is a choice!

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