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Guard Your Heart Because This 5-Yr-Old Singing “I’m Yours” Is About To Steal It.

makoto singing im yours

When it comes to musical talents, some people work hard at it… and others are simply born with it.

In a video that has gone hugely viral with over 68 million views on YouTube, a five-year-old Japanese boy named┬áMakoto Sato seems to fall squarely into the “born talented” category. Makoto had only been playing the ukulele for about a year when the video was made, yet he strums the instrument so easily it seems like he was born playing!


First things first, Makoto is clearly adorable. He’s got the cutest little cozy sweatshirt on, and the facial expressions he makes are just plain hysterical.


The next thing you immediately notice in the video is that Makoto doesn’t really know the words to the song he’s singing, but he doesn’t let that stop him! As he begins to strum the chords to Jason Mraz’s hit, “I’m Yours,” we recognize the tune. And then Makoto opens his mouth…


Instead of singing those pesky words, Makoto just matches the vocal pitch perfectly. Somehow it totally works!

And did we mention those funny faces he makes?


You’ve got to watch this! He’s just too cute for words. Check out Makoto’s big viral moment below, and be sure to share this video with a budding musician you know!

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