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Ukrainian Refugee Bursts Into Tears When She Sees Her Beloved Cat After Months Apart.

Sasha Khvorostiana hugging her cat Bony after being finally reunited

Fleeing a war zone is a heartbreaking event that, sadly, many humans are forced to experience. It means having to leave behind the warmth of their homes, their precious belongings, and sometimes even, their beloved pets.

Sasha Khvorostiana and her mom Vicktoriia know this feeling firsthand, as they had to flee the ongoing war in Ukraine months ago. Fortunately, Vicktoriia’s cousin, Elena Ciasulli, welcomed them in the U.S. with open arms, and they have lived near her ever since.

However, during all these months, the mother and daughter have felt incomplete. They had to leave their dear 7-year-old cat, Bony, with some neighbors in Ukraine. Ever since that day, they’ve dreamt of the time when they would finally see their Bony again, knowing that there was a possibility that this might never actually happen.

Thankfully, and to their surprise, it did happen! Their cousin Elena made it all possible and arranged the travel expenses so that Bony could finally be with his family after months of separation.

The exciting moment of their reunion was all caught on camera! Sasha’s reaction when she sees Bony is just priceless.

“It was just touching, very touching,” said Elena. “I mean, they never thought they would see the cat. Actually, when Sasha hold the cat for the first time, I saw the cat recognizing her. It was purring. It was licking her cheeks. It was so special.”

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