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Uber Driver Gets Funny Feeling About Passenger, Then Sees Bizarre Destination & Stops Short.

On his last ride of the night, Chad Farley had a divine appointment.

The Uber driver from south Florida picked up a ‘chipper’ passenger in his mid 20’s before calling it a night. The two began talking when the passenger admitted something strange. He began to tell Farley about a recent brain tumor diagnosis and that he’d found the only doctor willing to try a cutting edge procedure… but it had to be done that night.


The passenger told Farley about his hopes and dreams after treatment, and all seemed well… then Farley glanced at the destination that had been set.

The destination for the passenger was set ‘dead smack’ in the middle of the Skyway Bridge.


“He said that the ambulance wouldn’t take him all the way to Tampa and that his doctor told him to get to the top of the Skyway Bridge, pull over where the phones are and call FHP and they would send an ambulance for him to bring him to his doctor. STRANGE,” Farley wrote on Facebook.


Suspicious of the young man’s intent, Farley decided to drop the young man at a rest area miles away from the bridge. He then asked the passenger if they could take a selfie together.

After Farley snapped the selfie, he contacted the police with the photo, certain the passenger had plans to commit suicide.

Within the hour, local PD arrived at the bridge and found the young man ready to take the plunge. Thankfully, police were able to stop him from taking his life and transported him to a local hospital where he remains in stable condition.

“That was definitely my last passenger for the night. God put that man in my car tonight for a reason. I’m just glad he is still alive. I ended the trip and forgot to get his name from the app and couldn’t remember what he told me his name was. Please pray for this young man,” Farley concluded.


Most people would not have taken the time to dig deeper into conversation with a stranger. Because of Farley’s kind heart and the love that flowed from it, he ended up saving a life.

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