Toddler Attempts to Cook Dinner For “Special Girl” In Adorable Video.

Letting a three year-old plan a dinner date sounded like a great idea at the time. Travis, would let his toddler, Tydus, do everything himself. The meal planning, grocery shopping, and even the cooking, was left to the little toddler.

All because little Tydus wanted to do something for his “special girl”.


The adventure begins on the trip to the grocery store, when Tydus nearly forgets to make a grocery list. But luckily, Lasagna, garlic bread, and “pog juice” all made it into the cart.


He’s only cooking for two, but he picks up enough food to feed a family of ten.

Once the little guy got home, he had everyone cheering along. Did he remember the flowers? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Forks? Double check.

He managed to get the table set just fine, but then it was time to pour the pog juice, and that’s when everything went a little downhill.

His first attempt crashes all over the ground, but the little guy is quick to clean up.


During attempt number two, Tydus managed to get the pog juice into the cup with minimal spilling. Hooray! By at that point he has gained a little too much confidence. When he ran to the table, he slipped on the slippery floor and wiped out. The pog juice was once again thrown all over the floor.

But you’ve gotta give Tydus credit — he’s one positive little guy, even after he’s wiped up half of a container of pog juice!

Finally, everything is ready and that’s when his “special girl” arrives. The moment is too sweet for words!


Watch his adorable first dinner date in the video below and be sure to share the giggles with someone else you know!

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