Innocent Twins Asked “What Does ‘Twin’ Mean?” Have Happy Freakout When They Realize They Look The Same.

Alexis and Ava McClure are perhaps the cutest kids around. They’ve already made their mark on social media and have quite the following on their YouTube channel. They spend their days hanging out with their parents, Justin and Ami, getting involved in all sorts of childhood antics that will melt your heart in an instant.


Alexis and Ava are still quite young and the realization that they are identical twins has not quite caught up with them.  It’s really pretty hilarious watching them realize that they look the same!

The video starts with Ami asking her daughters, “what do you think identical twins means?” to which they aptly replied “adorable.”


But don’t worry, it just gets better.

The girls knew they had the same birthday, but when they turned to look at each other nose to nose it was like they realized their similarities for the first time!

Ami then broke the news that Ava was one minute older than her sister. The news gave Alexis the most adorable meltdown until she realized it didn’t mean she was ‘smaller’ than her sister. Turns out, the younger is a little taller!

We spoke with Justin about his motivation behind starting the YouTube channel and Instagram account in the first place. In his words, the world needs their positive message of spending quality time together as a family and to bring joy to those around them.

We couldn’t agree more!

Check out the adorable interchange in the video below! Share and spread some smiles.

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