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Tuna The Cat Is Obsessed With Delivery Drivers And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever.

delivery driver petting Tuna the cat

We’ve learned a lot during the novel coronavirus pandemic, particularly about what goes on at home while we’re usually at work.

One couple from Miami, Florida were working from home when they noticed a something funny about their cat. They adopted the white 6-year-old feline from a friend when she was just a kitten. Her original name was Luna, but over time her nicknames morphed into various forms of Looney Tunes before settling on Tuna.

Tuna is a sweet kitty who gets along with her dog friend Bella as well as her bearded dragon pal, Colonel Mustard. Most of all, she adores people, and her owners soon discovered that she likes delivery people most of all. After they installed a doorbell camera, they saw that Tuna is downright insistent when it comes to meeting the people delivering stuff to her house!

“When the pandemic started, we were working from home a lot more and ordering a lot of delivery, so her sleep schedule changed and she would wait outside for delivery people!” her owner explained. “We always watch her on the camera and never let her out when we aren’t home. She loves people!â€

Tuna used to be an indoor-only kitty, but she became destructive because she was bored. Now she gets supervised outdoor time, and she loves meeting the various drivers who swing by with food and packages. Not only does she throw herself at their feet and beg for attention, sometimes she’ll even chase them down and demand rubs at their cars.

Of course, not every delivery driver is into cats. While it breaks Tuna’s heart, she gets over it quickly and is soon ready to love again.

Tuna now has an Instagram page of her very own to keep her new fans, or “Tunicorns,” apprised of her search for love. We’d say as far as hobbies go, this one is as harmless as it is adorable!

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