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Tumbling Toddler Imitates Sister With Hilarious Results.

When this toddler imitates his big sister the result was hilarious.

When this big sister demonstrated her tumbling abilities, it was natural that her toddler sibling also tried tumbling. Mom was recording the adventures on the front lawn as big sister launched into her routine. She executed a near-perfect cartwheel with a round-off and finished with a backflip. It was impressive, considering she was dressed in a big, puffy coat for cool weather.

Big sister started off with a cartwheel.

Big sister showing off a cartwheel in front of a house.
Images from Instagram.

With a round-off finish, she went right into a near-perfect backflip.

After the cartwheel came a near perfect backflip.
Images from Instagram.

Little brother was right there, wanting to learn these cool tricks. He marched into the frame, and we are glad Mom did not stop recording!

Little bro starting his tumbling routine.
Images from Instagram.

He started pretty well.

Tumbling toddler leaning precariously.
Images from Instagram.

But from there, things did not go as planned. You need to raise your arms, little dude.

Tumbling toddler past the point of no return.
Images from Instagram.

Watch OUT!!!

Oops. Tumbling toddler forgot to use his arms.
Images from Instagram.

Whelp, it’s a good thing toddlers bounce! And bounce right up, he did. Mom and big sis had a good laugh. I don’t think this will end the tumbling toddler antics in this family!

Bouncing back up and ready for another try.
Images from Instagram.

Our young, tumbling toddler jumped right back up, ready to have another go. I sense he will have a lifetime of trailing behind his big sis, trying new things. Never lose that winning spirit!

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try, Again!

Imitation is how children learn new things. They begin by imitating adults and other children who may be more advanced than they are. Children as young as eight months old can learn by following the examples set by parents and older siblings. Routine tasks like eating with a spoon or drinking from a “big kid” cup are behaviors learned through imitation. When we see kids like this imitating older siblings, we should encourage it. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others. Watch the video in real-time. You won’t be disappointed.

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