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Man Sees “Car Thief” In His Truck, But As He Walks Closer His Heart Softens.

Imagine seeing someone through a store window trying to steal your car outside.

That’s exactly what happened when comedian and goat-owner, Jimbo Bazoobi was shopping recently. His goat Gary was outside “guarding” (read: lying down near) his truck, so he thought everything would be fine while he picked up some things. But when he looked out a window, he spotted someone in the driver’s seat of his car.


He knew it wasn’t Gary. Though, the goat does go everywhere in Jimbo’s truck.

The Aussie started filming himself when he saw the perpetrator allegedly trying to steal his means of transportation.


When Jimbo walked up to the man in the truck, he didn’t start yelling or accusing him of theft. Instead, he handled it like a truly good guy – plus, it was clear that the young man with Down syndrome in the passenger’s seat had no malintent.


Jimbo asked him a few questions and quickly learned his name, which is Ryan. He also found out that he hadn’t driven a car before but desperately wanted to try his hand at this truck. Naturally, Jimbo handed over his keys!


Ryan fiddled around with the handbrake and put the keys in the ignition and the two carried on like they were speeding down the road (even though they were at a complete standstill).

“Man you are cruisin’! Well done, Ryan.”

And Ryan let him see the biggest smile he could give on his sweet face.


Watch the whole adorable exchange below.

We could all stand to learn a thing or two from Jimbo’s reaction to this boy jumping in his car: It’s best to ask questions, or at least assess the situation, before jumping to conclusions.

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