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Truck Driver Hauls 3 People From Flooding Car Just In The Nick of Time.

hero truck driver saves people from flood

After a long summer of damaged crops due to drought, the city of Erbil in Iraq finally got rain at the end of October. Unfortunately, the torrential rainfall, complete with hail, resulted in a flash flood in the Kurdistan capital area. Between 150 and 200 houses were damaged by the flood, and people scrambled to get to dry land as the dirty flood waters covered a major highway filled with cars.

One striking video that has emerged from the aftermath shows a truck driver who spotted a shorter car being overcome by the waters. Since his truck is higher off the ground, he was able to navigate better than other vehicles. Bravely, the man got out of his truck and managed to pull two women from the sunroof of their submerged car into the cab of the truck. As the car begins to drift away from the truck, a man was also able to climb out of the car and climb into the back of the truck.

This man was just doing his job when he saw the chance to save three people’s lives! We’re so thankful that everyone got out of that scary situation unharmed. Watch the video below to see the driver in action, and don’t forget to share.

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