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Troop in multi-color spandex lines up next to mat, their performance is astounding.

Founded in 2009 by Brazilian sensation Peterson da Cruz Hora, Zurcaroh has become one of the leading acrobatic groups in the world.  In fact, it can’t even really be described as an acrobatic group -it’s so much more than that.

Combining dance, gymnastics, acrobatic stunts, extraordinary costumes, and sensational music, Zurcaroh is one-of-a-kind.  As their website says, “For a few moments, the audience is carried away into a magical world.”

The group has been invited to travel around the globe to showcase their unique talents.

Zucaroh Facebook

They often utilize flying components in their routines.  Members span all ages.

Zucaroh Facebook

Sometimes their performances take a more narrative, story-driven approach.  These pros know how to bring out the emotion of a character… and then drop your jaw as it parlays into a stunning acrobatic feat.

Zucaroh Facebook

Like this body-bending human structure.  These athletes really can do it all.

Zucaroh Facebook

But our favorite has got to be their multi-colored zebra performance.  (That’s how our team identifies it at least 🙂 ).  This video has generated over 65,000 shares on Facebook, over 4 million views, multiple youtube uploads, and thousands of comments.

It’s truly astounding.

Check it out below, and for more information on Zucaroh, visit their website or Facebook page.  Cheers!

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