Trooper Finds Kids Lost On Highway In 110 Degree Heat, But What He Does Next Will Melt Your Heart.

cop takes 3 kids he saved to McDonalds For McFlurries

Three young brothers found themselves in a stressful situation this past weekend: stuck with their bicycles on the side of the highway, in 110 degree heat. They had gotten lost on their way to Walmart. Luckily, Nevada Trooper John Morris was able to step in and save the day.


Morris was on his regular patrol route when he received several calls reporting three children seen on the highway, walking along the shoulder, and even crossing the street. Morris responded to the call and stumbled upon this scene:

If you look closely at what was captured on Marris’s dash cam, you’ll spot the figures of three boys– ages 7, 8, and 17 years old– on the side of a highway, trying to find some relief from the 110 degree temperature in the shade of an underpass. “The 17 year old was riding a bike with the 7 year old on the handlebars,” Morris told News 3 Las Vegas. The 8 year old was also on a bike. “I can only imagine my children out there, and I made them promise me they’d never get on the highway again.” said Morris.

But the trooper’s kindness didn’t stop there. He took the boys to the Walmart they had gotten lost trying to find, and he bought them all ice cream. He laughed telling the cameras about it, “Absolutely they were excited!”

13775875_10154373020819921_6216546349863342031_n Facebook

A citizen snapped a photo of the scene and uploaded it to Facebook with this caption: “Walking into Walmart we saw a police officer who had just helped a couple of kids unload their bikes out of his SUV… He took them inside and bought them McDonald’s. I thought this was important to post to show that in light of everything we have going on we do have some good police officers out there.”

After ice cream, Morris took the boys home, explaining his job to the curious kids along the way. “I explained to them I get the opportunity to help people out every day, and that’s why we do this as troopers.”

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