This Conversation-Starting App Is Helping 1,000s Pursue Self-Care And Friendship.

There’s no denying that we’re living through an unprecedented time in history.

While so many of us are staying home and avoiding crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic, the change in lifestyle can lead to feelings of isolation and sadness. Fortunately, technology is bridging the social gap in more ways than one!

In late 2019, Trishla Jain and Melody Mortazavi created an app called Longwalks. They wanted to spark meaningful conversations and encourage positive thinking, but they had no idea how critical their project would become just a few months later.

“More than ever now, people want to talk about who they are, the truth in our lives,” Melody said. “But it’s hard since you don’t want to be a person to ask the awkward question. We, the app, wanted to be that person.”

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Many people have found themselves either completely alone in recent months or spending every waking moment with roommates or family members. Stress and uncertainty can quickly lead to heated conversations and irritation, and without being able to meet up, it can feel like friendships are wilting on the vine. That’s exactly what Longwalks is working to change!


“Longwalks is an app engineered to foster meaningful human connection and leave us feeling good about ourselves and the world,” their website states. “Here, you can share meaningfully and stay in touch with loved ones, all while learning new things about each other.”

It works like this: Every day, the app offers a simple question to inspire a meaningful conversation. Users can add friends and start chatting with them individually or in groups. Even better, it’s entirely private! No one outside your friend group will see what you write.

The daily prompts are based on themes like mindfulness, joy, gratitude, self-care, and “favorite things.” Users fill in the blanks and submit their answers without seeing their friends’ responses. Once everyone has a chance to participate, the discussion, conversation, or friendly debate (all about benign subjects) begins.

Trishla and Melody designed Longwalks to feel like a dinner party. Especially now, they hope their creation will make people feel less alone and more engaged with the world around them.

Clearly, it’s working! Since early March, the app has been downloaded 1,000 percent more than it was before the pandemic. Thousands of new users have added loved ones and are having thoughtful conversations of their own.


This is such a simple yet brilliant solution to a big problem in our world! Logging into Longwalks each day can really boost your mood while keeping you connected with those who matter to you most.

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