After Mom Reveals She’s Pregnant, 6-Yr-Old Goes Off On Hilarious Rant.

Announcing your pregnancy to loved ones is always a special, memorable moment. That’s why, when Mom Shanee Hart became pregnant with her third child, she pulled out her camera to record the moment she revealed “Mommy’s big secret” to her kids. She wasn’t sure exactly how they’d respond, but she knew her oldest– 6-year-old Trey– would certainly have something to say. She probably wasn’t expecting him to say this.

“What were you thinking?” Trey immediately responds. “Why you gotta get another baby? You just got two!”


Mom explains to Trey that there’s no reason for him to worry. She isn’t replacing anyone; their family is just growing.

“But that don’t make no sense! This makes no sense,” Trey replies.

Despite Shanee’s words of comfort, Trey remains skeptical.


Trey busts into a full-on, hysterical rant. The best part is when he finds himself overwhelmed with the news, saying “Why? Why do– Why you– This is exasperating!”


The hilarious video quickly went viral, landing Shanee and Trey an invite to the Ellen DeGeneres Show. There Shanee told Ellen that she’d guessed he wouldn’t be too excited to find out about the baby.

Apparently, Trey had been excited about his little sister in the hospital, but once they brought her home and the crying began, he was pretty over it. No wonder he demanded a set of earplugs in prep for little sibling #2!


But, don’t worry, it seems that little Trey has now adjusted to his role as big brother to two.


Check out Trey’s hysterical tirade below and share!

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