Trauma Therapist Shares Advice To Help Parents Foster A Healthy Relationship With Their Kids.

A trauma therapist's social media post about parenting.

This trauma therapist on social media knows a thing or two about parenting, and she’s sharing her expertise with her followers! Morgan Pommells on Instagram specializes in parent-kid relationships. While she typically works with adults healing from difficult childhoods, she also has some words of advice for parents who want to cultivate better relationships with their kids. Specifically, she’s created several lists of parenting tactics to avoid. She calls these “things I am begging parents to stop doing.”

Of course, Morgan isn’t trying to judge or criticize the caregivers who occasionally slip up. Instead, she just wants to make parents aware that certain behaviors can have harmful and lasting effects on their kids! Here are some of the top parenting “don’ts” according to this trauma therapist.

1. Agression is a no-go. So is the silent treatment.

A piece of advice written by a trauma therapist.
Screengrab from TikTok

While yelling at someone or giving them the silent treatment will certainly let them know you’re upset, it’s not a good way to communicate your feelings. It can also be really scary for a child to be on the receiving end of that behavior from a parent!

2. It’s ok to apologize, says this trauma therapist. In fact, it’s necessary!

A trauma therapist's advice for parents.
Screengrab from TikTok

It might be hard to believe, but sometimes parents make mistakes! It’s important to tell your kids you’re sorry rather than pretend you did nothing wrong.

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