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trader joes dancing

Trader Joe’s Employees Go Viral After Singing & Dancing To Stop Crying Toddler.

When it comes to customer service some employees won’t hesitate to go above and beyond.

Tori Alexander loves her job at Trader Joe’s and has gotten to be good friends with both her fellow employees and the customers who regularly shop in her store. One day as she was running the cash register at the front of the store a toddler named Julian got fussy. Rather than ignore the child, Tori decided to do what she could to cheer him up.


Julian sat in the shopping cart sobbing as Tori stopped what she was doing and began to sing. “We say we love, Ju! We say we love, Ju!” Tori began to chant, dancing along to her own song in an energetic manner. Without having to be asked two of Tori’s coworkers quickly got into the action, bobbing to the beat and loading groceries into Julian’s cart in time to the music. One of them even does “the robot” for a second or two!


And the distraction worked! Soon, Julian stopped crying so that he could stare at the unexpected spectacle taking place before his eyes. How could you cry when you’re being serenaded and two grown men are dancing for you? We love it when people aren’t afraid to look silly if it helps someone through a rough patch!

Julian’s mom took the 14-second video of her son watching Tori and friends in action, and you can hear the grateful mom giggling behind the camera as she films.

“IF THERE IS A CRYING CHILD CALL 1-800 Tori the cry stopper!” Tori wrote when she uploaded the video. “I’m extremely thankful for my coworkers,” she added. “They jumped in and helped me entertain him, which also made the experience even more extraordinary!!”


What a wonderful bunch of people! As consumers, we have the ability to do our shopping anywhere, but finding customer service like this doesn’t happen every day. These kind employees most likely turned Julian and his mom into loyal customers for life. We’d definitely return just in case they ever decide to sing and dance in the checkout lane again!

Watch Tori and the Trader Joe’s employees doing their thing in the video below and be sure to share.

IF THERE IS A CRYING CHILD CALL 1-800 Tori the cry stopper !(Baby Julian Was Upset. He Stopped crying & was shocked at our performance) “We Love you Ju” Is what i am Singing 😂I’m Extremely Thankful for my co Workers. They Jumped in and Helped me Entertain him, which Also made the experience even more extraordinary!! ✨CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TOP PRIORITY ✨I Love my Job ❤️ #CustomersVideo #Love #Fun #Happiness #Traderjoes #BestjobHandsDown #Ellenshow #Dancing Ellen DeGeneres

Posted by Tori Alexander on Monday, August 12, 2019

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