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Chili’s Comes To Rescue For Nanny Who Fibbed To Kids About Where She Worked.

These days, simply being a nice place to dine out with the family isn’t good enough; your corporate Twitter game also has to be on point!

Bella Lawton is a student at Indiana University who also works as a nanny for two young boys. Recently she ran into a sticky situation when the boys asked her where she works. She was understandably hesitant to tell the kids that she’s being paid to spend her days with them, so she came up with a fib on the spur of the moment.


She was immediately inundated with tweets from other nannies and babysitters who had run into the same trouble with their charges, but one reply stood out from the rest.


The person responsible for maintaining Chili’s corporate Twitter page reached out to Bella directly! Not only that, but they sent along some hilarious “proof” of her employment to show the boys: a faux certificate of employment that took the joke to a whole new level.


“This document hereby certifies Bella Lawton works for us, Chili’s, and is one of the best employees ever, so you should listen to her and do everything she says. Sincerely, Very Important People from Chili’s.”

Now that’s a supportive dining establishment! Bella and her friends on Twitter had a good laugh over the reply, and soon the entire thread went viral. Over half a million people have “liked” Bella’s tweet since she shared it, but the good people at Chili’s weren’t through helping this nanny out yet. A few days later Bella shared an adorable photo of the boys dressed in matching tee shirts and hats — compliments of her “employers!”


“Thank you @Chilis for sending us the super sweet package! The boys are loving all of their new Chili’s gear and I will be taking them into my “work” for dinner next week.” Bella wrote in response to the gifts.  Naturally Chili’s replied because they’re practically best friends now!


What a sweet and unexpected twist to this simple story! What started off as an act of kindness towards the kids to spare their feelings turned into an exchange that restored our faith in humanity just a little bit. Let’s hope the “Very Important People from Chili’s” see this and give their social media manager a raise!

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