Tourist Snaps Hilarious Pic Of Crocodile Cruising Along With Jazz Hands.

Close up of a crocodile, showing just the face. The croc is laying on the ground.

When you think of Australia, images of dangerous snakes, spiders, and other creatures may come to mind. While it’s true there are rather creepy crawlers in the land “Down Under,” that doesn’t mean they aren’t adorable, too. Because no matter how terrifying a creature like a crocodile may normally be, every single one becomes a little less scary when they’re giving jazz hands.

Belinda and Michael Steindorf had the chance to experience this first hand at the Kakadu National Park. It’s one of the largest national parks in Australia, and it’s full of all kinds of creatures. The couple spotted the silly looking croc at an infamous location: Cahills Crossing.

Close up of a crocodile rising out of water, looking up in the air.

Here, you could spot as many as 40 crocodiles at a time — that’s why tourists are warned to not get too close, cross the path, or wade in the water. But from a safe distance, like one of their three viewing platforms and picnic area, you can admire these creatures without fear.

Adorable Crocodile Gives Tourists Their Best Jazz Hands

In taking a closer look at the crocs, Belinda and Michael manage to snap the best picture ever. Check the top right corner of the post above. A crocodile can be seen partially submerged as they lay on their back. The best part, though, are their raised hands that make it seem as though they’re giving us their best jazz hands!

Who knew that a crocodile could be so cute? From a very far, safe distance anyway!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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