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Son Hadn’t Seen Mom In Months, Sneaks Next To Her For Epic Surprise.

Once you become a mom, it doesn’t matter how old your child is – even one day without seeing them is tough.

Tommy Cha must have known his mom’s heart was hurting, since she hadn’t seen him in four months. So, he came up with a plan to surprise her with a visit – and he got her wonderful reaction on film.


Tommy shared a video of the surprise on Twitter. In it, he arrives at a sporting event where his mom and a crowd are cheering on a player, Theo. Tommy’s mom is so entranced by the game she doesn’t even notice him sit right next to her. He even cheers for Theo as well, and she continues to focus only on the game.


Tommy cheers again, and suddenly his mom registers the voice. She adorably sits straight up, looks at him with wide eyes, gently slaps him on the arm, and says, “Shut up!”


After it sinks in that her son is sitting next to her, Tommy’s mom melts into the sweetest hug.


It’s clear that, despite four months apart, it only took one moment with her son for her heart to be whole again.

One Twitter user said it perfectly, “4 months is like 4 years in mom years.”


Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below – and be sure to spread the love and share this sweet moment with your friends (and go call your mom!).

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