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15 Foster Kids Who Are Finally Going To Their Forever Homes

Right now, there are over 400,000 children in foster care in the U.S. alone.

All of these kids have experienced loss or trauma in their young lives, but they’re no less deserving of a safe, loving home than any other child. The nonprofit Together We Rise works diligently to help more than 250 foster kids every single day. Whenever a child gets adopted, they share the most heartwarming photos of their “gotcha days” online, and we’re in love!

1. “We spent 883 days in foster care but today we are adopted!”

2. “Yesterday they joined their FOREVER FAMILY!”

3. “Four hundred fifty-nine days in foster care. It may not have been a courthouse ceremony but that’s just another chapter in our family story.”

4. “For 1023 days they have shared their love and home but as of today… we share their last name!”

5. “Over 400,000 foster kids in the U.S. Minus one.”

6. “After 835 days in foster care I’M ADOPTED.”

7. “Forever home for these three brothers.”

8. “After 493 days in care, TODAY I am ADOPTED.”

9. “Their adoption made what we already knew in our hearts official: we are a family. It also meant that these siblings get to grow up together.⣔

10. “After 1,349 days in foster care, he is FINALLY adopted!”

11. “Introducing… Maddox and Goldie!”

12. “After 1,891 days in foster care, she found her forever family.”

13. “After 575 days in foster care, Jaxton is adopted into his forever family. Just in time for Christmas!”

14. “She has been adopted into her forever family!”

15. “Turns out, you can’t quarantine love.

There’s a constant need for qualified foster parents, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Together We Rise for advice on welcoming one of these sweet kids into your home. Every child deserves a family of their own!

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