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Toddler’s Unexpected Words Of Wisdom Shock This Overwhelmed Mom. “Does It Help You?”

Mom sits on the floor while her toddler plays with her hair. Mom is wearing sunglasses and her mouth is agape from how shocked and moved she is by something her daughter said.

It can be difficult to calm down when you’re feeling overwhelmed, something that seems to be all the more true for those of us who take care of kids. In these moments, taking care of yourself and your little one can add even more stress to your day. But as Nika Diwa shows in a video on TikTok, when parents teach their kids how to speak to themselves with kindness, it makes it easier for them reflect that same energy back to you.

In the video, Nika’s toddler can tell that Mom is acting differently while the two of them play together. When she asks if anything is wrong, Nika explains that she’s alright but feeling a bit overstimulated. Mom goes on to say that this happens sometimes when, suddenly, this emotionally intelligent kiddo comes up with a plan. She takes a pair of nearby sunglasses and helps Mom place them on her face.

“Does it help you?” the toddler asks.

With her mouth agape, Nika is happy to share that this actually does help. The two of them continue playing, with the toddler checking in again to make sure Mom is still doing alright. Even though Nika insists she’s fine, her toddler is quick to give more advice that her Mom has no doubt given her many times.

“Don’t work too hard, okay?” she says. “You’re enough! You’re loved!”

Watch Nika’s toddler demonstrate the kindness her parents have taught her in the video below.

@nikadiwa Wait sobbing 🥹😭 #raisingempathetickids ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

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