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3-Yr-Old’s Adorable Polynesian Dance Has Internet Wiggling Along With Her.

History and culture are passed on from one generation to the next in lots of different ways, from storytelling to music, and in this case, dance.

Anyone who’s visited the small Polynesian island of Tahiti has probably attended a nightly performance in which professionals perform the Ori Tahiti (literally “Dance of Tahiti”). It’s a traditional dance that’s been around for centuries, and incorporates movements that signify the movement and life of the Tahitian civilization.

dancers performing

While the costumes are dazzling to behold and the performance fascinating to watch, it wasn’t until relatively recently that Ori Tahiti was brought outside Polynesia and into the wider world.

And boy are we glad it did!

dancers group shot

Thanks to the fact that practitioners want to be able to pass on the torch to the younger generations, classes are offered for those who want to perfect their skills and become entertainers just like their teachers.

At Tahitoa Productions, the upper age limit is 20, but the lower age limit? Three-years-old! And if you’ve never seen a tiny human wiggling and jiggling her way across the dance floor to the steady sound of drumbeats, you’re in for a special treat…


This adorable little girl – billed in 2015 as Tahitoa’s youngest student – must be a natural. She’s got the moves down, and we’re pretty sure she’ll be taking over as an instructor in a few years!

She may be small, but she is mighty in dance and her deliberate wiggles are melting hearts all over the globe.

Don’t believe us? Check out the most adorable dance you’ve ever seen in the clip below, and share her cute moves with a friend today!