Toddler Couldn’t Wait To Hug Military Dad, So She Interrupted The Ceremony With This Sweet Moment.

Soldiers on deployment have to leave their families for months and even years on end. Karis Oglesby’s parents feared 8 months apart would cause their three-year-old to forget her father’s face… but in reality they had nothing to worry about.


Karis proved that by interrupting a military homecoming ceremony with the sweetest gesture. After spotting her dad standing at attention in the front row, she was so overwhelmed with joy that she darted across the floor to give her dad a big hug.

girl 2

Her father, 1st Lt. Daniel Oglesby, broke protocol and returned the tiny embrace before sending Karis back to mom.

But the motive behind Karis’s hug is equally adorable.


According to her mom, Kristine, she had been reading a book called ‘Lily Hates Goodbyes.”  The book is about a young girl whose father is sent away on deployments.  At the end of the book, when the daughter and father are reunited, the young girl runs to give her dad a hug.  Karis had told her mom that she would do the same when she saw dad again.

Kristine responded, “So of course I’m like, ‘Yes, yes, you’re going to do that,’ and I encouraged it. I had no idea that Karis was actually going to do it during the ceremony.  But looking back, she has no idea what the ceremony means or what the restrictions are.”


About the sweet moment, Lt. Oglesby said, “We all understand. That’s their moment. It’s tough on them being away from family for eight-plus months. When they finally see them, there aren’t many people who will stand in their way of seeing their parents, and it definitely wasn’t going to be me.”

It can be easy to get caught up in social norms and forget to encourage little moments like this. Take every chance you can to enjoy the little moments that life gives you.

Watch the beautiful moment unfold below!

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