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Toddler And Her Beloved “Creepy Chloe” Doll Take Disney World By Storm.

Briar smiling with her doll Creepy Chloe at Disney.

Children are drawn to certain toys for reasons their parents will never understand.

Three-year-old Briar was walking through a Spirit Halloween store with her mom, Brittany Beard, when a spooky decoration caught her eye. It was a baby doll… but not the kind you’d expect. Because the doll creeped out this Groveland, Florida mother, she hesitated to let Briar get it – and can you blame her?

When Brittany asked her daughter why she’d want such a scary toy, Briar’s response was so heartwarming she couldn’t help but relent.

“I’m its mommy, and it needs me!” the child cried.

And so the doll came home with them. Briar named her Chloe, though, Brittany quickly adjusted it to Creepy Chloe. Before she knew it, her toddler was bringing her baby everywhere!

“I’m pretty sure Creepy Chloe is stealing my soul when I sleep,” Brittany wrote on Facebook.

The family barely had time to get used to Briar’s new bestie when they took a trip to Disney World in Orlando. Not only did Briar insist on bringing Chloe, she also dressed her up in a princess dress for their big day. Brittany decided to go along with the creepy theme and let Briar wear a Haunted Mansion cast member dress.

The minute they set foot on Disney property, cast members were drawn to Briar and Chloe! At breakfast they were gifted a special spooky cupcake and a Haunted Mansion poster.

Next up was a photoshoot in the Magic Kingdom where the photographer was delighted for the change of pace.

“The photographer was eating it up and kept coming up with posing ideas for Chloe,” recalled Brittany. “I’m sure it was quite a unexpected change from her usual never ending line of glittery Bippity Boppity Boutique princesses!”

Next, it was time to head over to the Haunted Mansion, where cast members quickly noticed their themed costumes and gave them the V.I.P. treatment. In case you’re wondering, they’re all supposed to look miserable because they’re in character!

“There was a 50 minute wait to get on the ride but when they saw Briar, they immediately whisked her away into the secret ‘Servants Quarters’ where we got to see the keys to all rooms and the bells that ring to call the servants up,” Brittany explained. “Then they popped us right out into the stretching room. The cast members were waiting for us when the doors opened to present us with official Haunted Mansion Caretaker certificates and to walk us right on to the ride. It was so magical!”

By the end of the day, Brittany no longer regretted letting Briar get Creepy Chloe! Because of the doll, they were treated like family at the park’s spookiest attraction, and they all had a good laugh over the absurdity of it all.

“I guess the moral of the story is when your 3 year old throws a fit over absolutely needing a super creepy Halloween doll… buy the doll,” Brittany concluded. “Creepy Chloe might be stealing my soul while I sleep, but we are making the best of our time left over here!”

Okay, that doll is seriously creepy, but there’s just something about her that Briar, and now, the rest of us can’t help but love. We’re so glad Brittany decided to go with the flow and allow this hilarity to happen!

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