Tiny Puppy Outgrows Toddler BFF To Become A Massive 170-Lb Teddy Bear.

Donovan and Yogi

When they adopted Yogi, his family knew he’d be big.

Yogi is a Caucasian Ovcharka, one of the world’s largest breed of dogs. He was imported from Romania where these massive canines serve as livestock guardians bred to take down wolves and bears who threaten their flocks. Since Yogi lives with a family in suburban U.S.A., he only has to worry about guarding his humans.

Yogi was relatively small when they first brought him home as a puppy, and the family was careful to slowly introduce him to their three young sons. While he was instantly smitten with all of them, the dog took a special liking to their youngest, Donovan. Donovan was just a baby himself when he met Yogi, and the two began the adorable process of growing up side-by-side.

“He has a good bond with all my kids, but especially my youngest,” said Donovan’s mom, Laura. “I had to teach Donovan boundaries because he just wanted to cuddle him, and he thought he was a big stuffed animal.”

With help from his parents, Donovan has learned how to care for his best buddy. He helps to groom and feed him, and the little boy is even working on basic commands like “sit” and “stay.” They love to snuggle together, and Donovan often gets busted sneaking Yogi snacks!

Over the next few years, Donovan got bigger… but not as big as Yogi. Yogi’s size continues to amaze his family. At two years old, the dog now weighs over 170 pounds and stands 6-feet tall on his hind legs. According to his breed standard, he could continue to grow to over 200 pounds.

Thankfully, no matter how big he gets, Yogi is still a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“The size difference is just too funny,” said Laura. “We knew by doing research how big he could be, but it’s a whole different thing when you’re actually watching him grow yourself. It’s ridiculous how big he is.”

Yogi’s size inspires a lot of laughter around the house. Since he doesn’t seem to know just how big he is, he sometimes climbs right over people and tries to sit on their laps. The kids absolutely love it when they get buried under a gigantic fluffy dog!

It’s so beautiful to see how this family has learned to live with such a giant breed! Teaching kids how to get along and care for animals is a gift they’ll cherish for life.

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