Tim Tebow Gives Heart-Wrenching Testimony Urging Congress To Help Fight Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation

Tim Tebow sits at a desk while speaking to Congress. One arm rests on the table while the other is lifted as he points.

Tim Tebow is a former football star, but the work he’s most proud of didn’t take place on a football field. Since founding the Tim Tebow Foundation, he and his team have made it a point to help the most vulnerable people around the world — or MVPs, as they call them. This includes the thousands of trafficked and exploited children around the world. According to Tebow, one of the struggles they face in saving these little ones is the inability to identify who they are.

In collaboration with entities like the Homeland Security Investigation, Tebow’s foundation was able to identify over 300 previously unknown victims. While this is great, as Tebow points out, that’s only a “tiny dent” in the grand scheme of things. That’s why, on Wednesday, Tebow spoke at the U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing — his goal is to create a similar team on a much larger scale within the government.

In speaking at this committee, Tebow hopes that Congress will advance legislation that creates a means to focus on “victim identification within law enforcement and the funding to deploy these analysts around the world.”

Tim Tebow Delivers Emotional Plea to Build a Rescue Team for Young Victims

Although Tebow valued his time as a football star, he recognizes that the work he’s doing now is far more important. In fact, he uses this logic to explain why it’s so important that action like this be taken.

“I’ve had the privilege of playing for a lot of sports teams in my life,” Tebow says. “And on almost all of them, we’ve had incredible resources to give us a better chance at winning a game, something that ultimately, as much as we care about it, doesn’t matter. Why would we not give as much, if not more resources, to the frontline heroes that are going after the most vulnerable boys and girls on the planet?”

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