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Friendly Cat Lets Out Hysterical Sound Whenever You Rub Its Back.

donald duck cat

If you’re ticklish and someone catches you off guard, you might laugh, tear up, or even pee a little from the tickle fit.

All of those are relatively normal reactions to someone tickling you. What’s entirely abnormal is letting out Donald Duck-like squawks. When Ekrem Cagala came home to an adorable gray cat, he decided to give the friendly little guy a good rub. He was probably expecting some purring, but when the feline started moving its mouth around oddly, he decided to double down on his tickles.


The cat, which appears to be a British Shorthair, is actually sending somewhat mixed messages. Its tail is swishing back and forth, which is usually an indicator that a cat is annoyed. But then it leans into Ekrem’s hand, which means it likes the petting. Cats, go figure.

“Ooooh, yeah, right there! / Get your hands off me!”


A few seconds in, the cat starts moving its mouth…and then noises come out – but it’s definitely not purring.


The friendly feline sounds like a mix between Donald Duck and a turkey.


You’ve truly got to see (and hear) it to believe this hilarity. Be sure to share this to spread laughs!

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