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3 Siblings Open World’s Best Christmas Present: Surprise Adoption Papers For All Of Them.

The Child Welfare Information Gateway (CWIG) reports that 2/3 of the siblings placed into foster care are separated from their brothers and sisters. Losing parents at a young age is tough enough, but being taken away from their siblings is described by CWIG as “an extra punishment, a separate loss, and another pain that is not needed.â€

But when the opposite happens, it’s beautiful.

In the video below a family that had been considering adopting three children -all siblings- wrapped their newly arrived adoption papers and placed the gift under the Christmas tree. Watch below as these three newly adopted children open a life-changing gift and react in the most precious way.

Here’s the Takeaway: Love sacrificially. It probably would have been easier (financially, emotionally, etc.) to only adopt one of these kiddos. But this family put the kids’ needs first.  We can all learn greatly from their example!


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