Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club: Friends Surprise Servers With Jaw-Dropping Tips Every Time They Eat Out

thousand dollar breakfast club

There is a good samaritan group called the Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club making its way around diners in the Boston area, and it’s surprising servers in the best way.

Attorney Richard Brooks and his wife Laurie founded the club in Jan. 2023 when he blasted a Facebook post that called for members.

“I want to start a group to go to breakfast, 10 of us, and we each bring $100 to tip the waiter. The Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club,” he wrote. “…Anyone can go. We will find a small place where the server will be shocked to get $1000. It will be a fun quick morning breakfast, and we will blow the mind of the server!”

“I have randomly given people $100, and the feeling I get is immense and better than anything a hundred dollars can buy,” he continued before adding that he only needed seven more people to have the inaugural breakfast.

Richard’s post got more interest than he expected. And when the group had their first meeting that March, their waitress walked away with $1,400.

The Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club Founder Hopes More Clubs Form

According to Nice News, The Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club has since grown in size, and they’ve been meeting every few months. Many of the members are old friends, but they’ve picked up several new faces along the way. And while the name suggests a standard $1,000 tip, the group typically hands out much more because when over ten people attend, the $100 per person rule still stands. Just before Christmas, one lucky woman earned $2,050.

“I was a waiter,” Richard told the publication. “So I know what it’s like to get a tip. And I still remember my first tip that was big, and it was a whopping $20. And I still remember it because I was paying myself through school.” 

The inaugural Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club meet up.

Richard has kept his email list around 30 people so the Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club doesn’t overwhelm servers. While he hates turning people away, he’s asking hopeful group members to help take his idea to more restaurants.

“It’s amazing how many people reach out to you in different ways,” he added. “And I had a few people that wanted to join, and I was like, ‘You know, I have enough people in my group. What I want you to do, though, is start your own.’” 

Over the past year, The Thousand Dollar Breakfast Club has been noticed by several major publications, such as Inside Edition, The Washington Post, and more. And as he told The Today Show, the club’s gestures have made a huge impact.

Server given massive tip bought mother a hearing aid.

“My favorite one so far, [the server] said, with a big smile on his face, ‘My mother’s been trying to buy a hearing aid for herself. So, I’m going to go home today and buy her a hearing aid.” And he did,” he told the publication.

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