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This World-Traveling Tot Has Already Explored 16 Countries… And He’s Only 3!

Lauren and Roy Tyson have one simple piece of advice for their fellow parents: “Don’t stop doing… what makes you happy.”

These are words to live by for this couple, who turned their passion for travel into a lifestyle most people only dream of having. Their adventure started back in 2015 when they made the decision to sell all of their belongings and their home to become full-time travelers.

They’ve covered 26 countries and have welcomed two children since they first began their journey! In 2018, they welcomed son Roman, but even parenthood didn’t slow them down. Roman has become one of the most well-traveled toddlers ever, visiting 16 countries with his parents by the time he turned 3.

His parents write a blog called Tyson Trails about their travels, and Roman often takes his own pictures to add his unique 3-year-old perspective to the trips.

“Everyone thought we were crazy but we knew this was the right decision for us,” they wrote on their blog. “We knew that travelling with a baby would change our travel style but we were ready for the challenge.┬áRoman took to the travel life instantly and began his first adventure at just 10 weeks old, he has now been to 16 destinations and counting.”

So far, Roman has visited places like Thailand, Palestine, and Italy!

Lauren and Roy believe that showing their children the world is important, even at this young age.

“Travel is the best form of education,” said Lauren. “It opens [our kids’] eyes to different experiences and cultures they wouldn’t learn sitting in a classroom.”

In 2021, the family welcomed another son called Lennon. His first flight within the United Kingdom was booked by the time he was 5 days old, but he hasn’t yet left the country yet. The family has now purchased a small cottage in the English countryside to stay in between trips. Once Roman is old enough to attend school, they intend to limit their trips to school breaks and weekends.

In addition to their blog, you can keep up with their adventures on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Their slogan is, “Your ordinary family on a mission to experience the extraordinary!”

These pictures are giving us total FOMO (fear of missing out)! This family is living proof that we don’t all have to fit into the same boxes in order to provide a loving childhood for our kids.

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