This Whole Page Is Dedicated To Men Reluctantly Waiting For Their Wives To Finish Shopping.

Bored men waiting for their wives to finish shopping.

In a relationship, you sometimes have to do things you don’t enjoy in order to spend more time with your significant other. For some men, this means shopping. While it’s true that not all husbands hate going to the mall, one Instagram account is sharing hilarious photos of those who do. It’s called Miserable Men, and they pretty much exclusively post pictures of bored guys in stores waiting to go home.

If you’ve ever been to the mall with someone who can literally shop until they drop, you might be able to relate. Not everyone has the stamina to hit store after store with unlimited enthusiasm! Here are some of the funniest pictures of men who have definitely lost interest in their partner’s shopping trip.

1. When life gives you a comfy chair…

Time flies when you’re napping in a recliner! If they didn’t want people to fall asleep at the mall, then they shouldn’t have made the chairs so comfortable.

2. He might as well get a makeover while he’s there, right?

What else can you do when the only chair in sight is for makeovers? On the bright side, at least he’ll finally learn what shade of foundation to use.

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