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This Tiny Dragon Doesn’t Guard Gold — Instead, He Guards A Very Special Sock!

Bearded dragon cuddles with his favorite sock.

Meet Percy, a bearded dragon with a passion unlike any other. While dogs chase tails and cats bat at yarn, Percy’s heart beats for socks. But not just any sock — his favorite gray and slightly pinkish sock that’s almost as big as he is. Percy’s human mom, Caitlin, discovered his unlikely affection, and it has since become an endearing laundry day ritual.

Bearded dragon cuddles with his favorite sock.

This bearded dragon’s fascination is no small matter. He drags the sock around the room, cuddles with it, and — prepare for cuteness overload — gets all sassy when it’s time to wash his beloved accessory. But what’s truly remarkable is that Percy knows exactly which sock is his and won’t settle for any other.

“So, when it comes to laundry day, Percy does not like that,” Caitlin said. “So if I put the sock in the laundry, he gets all confused. Then he begins looking for his socks.”

Bearded dragon carrying a human sock.

And if you think that’s the end of it, brace yourselves! Percy runs full speed, displaying signs of dominance over the sock. Some might even say his attachment to the sock has gotten out of control. But what’s not to adore about a reptile with a puppy’s personality?

“He loves to spend a lot of time with it, and I think it’s hilarious,” Caitlin fondly added.

If you think bearded dragons are all spikes and no personality, Percy will make you think again. He has taken social media by storm with his quirky obsession, making people realize that reptiles can be just as emotionally connected and entertaining as any other pet.

Bearded dragon cuddling and sleeping with his favorite sock.

However, the antics of this extraordinary bearded dragon don’t just stop at his favorite sock. He’s full of energy, loves to go outside, says hi to everyone, and has a loving relationship with his human family. Percy is the epitome of an endearing pet, breaking stereotypes and winning hearts one sock at a time.

Ready to watch this bearded dragon and his unique laundry day love affair in action? Check out the video, and don’t forget to share this delightful tale with fellow pet enthusiasts. Percy’s story is proof that joy comes in the most unexpected packages, and it’s bound to leave you smiling all day long! Share Percy’s laughter, love, and, of course, laundry day sass with friends and family!

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