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This Silly New Trend Has Cats Absolutely Flabbergasted.

This cat had an unexpected reaction to an internet challenge.

If there’s one thing the internet never gets tired of, it’s cat videos. That’s because our feline friends constantly surprise us with their weird and entertaining behaviors! Recently, a new trend has taken over cat content on social media. The bottle cap trend! Owners are placing treats in bottle caps and setting them afloat in trays of water to see if their kitties can retrieve the snack. We’ve seen a variety of responses to this test, but we can’t stop laughing at one cat’s bizarre reaction!

A TikTok user named Riley tried the trend on her four-legged friend, Voyd. When the bottle cap hit the water, the cat was instantly perplexed. However, instead of attempting to reach the treats, he started wildly waving his paws in the air!

“Bro is FLABBERGASTED,” wrote Riley in her caption.

Watch the video below to see this cat’s unexpected reaction to the bottle cap trend!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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