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This Rescue Farm Is “Hog Heaven” For Abandoned Potbellied Pigs.

Susan poses with a potbellied pig on her farm.

Ever heard of a teacup pig? Don’t be fooled: according to porcine expert Susan Armstrong Magidson, there’s no such creature. That’s why so many potbellied pig owners don’t know what to do when their pet keeps growing! Thankfully, Susan and her organization, Ross Mill Farm, are there to help.

According to their website, Ross Mill Farm is the biggest foster home for animals from the Pig Placement Network, an non-profit that helps rescue pigs. Susan’s farm also provides a variety of resources and services to potbellied pig owners, such as grooming and veterinary care. She even gives consultations to prospective pig parents!

Ross Mill Farm turned out to be a godsend for Nancy Steiner and David Michaelis, a couple whose beloved pig, Nigel, was having health troubles due to obesity. The pair told CBS that his weight was so out of control that poor Nigel couldn’t stand up or even see.

Nigel the potbellied pig became dangerously overweight.
Screengrab from CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

“Obesity is a big problem,” said Susan, who was more than happy to step in and take over Nigel’s care. “It certainly is proven to shorten their life expectancy by six to ten years.”

Now living at Ross Mill, Nigel receives frequent visits from his previous owners. He’s in much better health, and he even has a job looking after resident piglets!

After living at Ross Mill Farm, Nigel the pig is much healthier.
Screengrab from CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

However, not all pigs who come to come to Susan for care are there long-term. When Veronique Peterson lost her home in a fire, she needed to find temporary housing for her two pet pigs ASAP! Ross Mill was the perfect place to leave them while her home was being repaired. The facility regularly welcomes four-legged boarders whose families are on vacation or have other responsibilities keeping them from their pets.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ross Mill Farm and the pigs they’ve helped!

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