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For 3 Yrs Sad Homeless Man Waited Silently On Street Corner, Until Curious Woman Asked Him Why.

Every single day, Victor Hubbard stood on the same Kemah, Texas street corner without any visible agenda. He carried no sign, spoke to no one and kept to himself.

For three years, Ginger Sprouse, a married mother and owner of Art of the Meal, passed the man and his corner at least four times a day. One day, Sprouse decided to roll down her window and talk the the homeless man. What she learned changed her life forever.

This Is Victor

The man, named Victor, was dealing with mental illness and homelessness. He told Sprouse that he’d been waiting on the same corner all of that time waiting for his mom to come take him home.

Heartbroken, Sprouse decided to try and help him any way she could.

This Is Victor

“I listen to people talking around town and keep hearing ‘someone needs to do something about that guy,’”Sprouse explained on a Facebook page she made for Victor and his story.

This Is Victor

Sprouse hired Victor on as a cook at her restaurant and his story began to spread like wildfire. Dozens pledged their support to the ailing homeless man. It became clear people really wanted to help, so Sprouse started a Go Fund Me for him that’s raised over $14,000.

This Is Victor

In a beautiful turn of events, Victor’s story reached an uncle in from East Texas. That connection led to the moment Victor always dreamed of because last week, Victor was reunited with his mom.

Until Victor can find his own lodging, the Sprouses welcomed him into their home. Victor is one of the family now!

This Is Victor

Victor may be well on his way to the life he’s always deserved, but he hasn’t forgotten about his friends ‘on the corner.’ In a video posted to his Facebook page, Victor sent a message to his homeless friends. He still thought about them, prayed for them, and was concerned for their well being.

We wish you the very best Victor! It’s going to be a beautiful life.

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