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This Is The Kind Of Positivity We Like To See—Gas Station Offers Discount To Anyone Willing To “Silly Dance”

gas station dance

Over the summer, a gas station offered discounted fuel to anyone willing to “silly dance” their way to the cash register, and the interpretive moves that followed were perfection.

For one day only, a gas station offered $5 off if customers were willing to let loose and dance. If the employees were impressed enough they’d give them an extra discount.

“Do a silly dance walking in,” read a printed sign on the door. “If we like, $5 gas free on us.”

A handwritten note taped under the original sign added, “$10 if we really like it.”

Unsurprisingly, dozens of people were willing to show their best moves for that discount. The TikTok account called Gas Station Antics was one of the many social media accounts that posted a video that compiled footage caught by the security cameras that day. And it proves that the simplest things can often bring the brightest smiles.


When people ask why we stay working here…it’s because of these customers ❤️ dance gasstation customerservice

♬ Canned Heat – Jamiroquai

The Gas Station Dancers Will Bring Smiles To Your Faces

As people walked through the door, they busted moves all the way to the cash register. Some people took “silly” to heart and showed off the goofiest moves they could. Other people’s grooves were so contagious that other people in the gas station couldn’t help but join them.

Some customers even acted like they weren’t going to take the deal, and then they got down at the last minute. We don’t know how much the business gave out in discounts, but we think each and every person featured deserved the top prize.

“This is the world I want to live in 🥹” someone admitted in the comments.

“The 2 customers visually connecting for a moment and dancing together 🥰❤️,” another commenter gushed.

“Yes, this is the energy!!!! 😂💕” wrote a follower.

“THE WORLD NEEDS TO DANCE MORE,” someone shouted.

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