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This Impressive Jump Dance Will Make Your “Brain Happy”

jump dance

This dancer’s joy is literally jumping out of the screen.

Austin Pepito, a clothing designer and dancer has gone viral many times over for his fun and energetic videos. Many of his personally choreographed clips on TikTok have earned millions of views, and one has even surpassed 70 million.

A newer video has been storming social because it’s impressive and unique. In it, Austin is showing off his dance moves, jumping skills, and creativity. 

With Altego’s Couldn’t Care Less (feat. Gia Koka) providing the backbeat, Austin bounces off the ground in a string of jumps, each one different than the last. The dancer also adds some “lethal flips” and crazy spins into his mix. 

After hundreds of thousands of views and shares, people are still watching on repeat because “the energy” makes their “brain happy.” 

“Bro unlocked the other 50% of his brain,” someone speculated.

“He literally has more energy than 50 of me combined” someone commented.

“Bro got spring implants in his legs,” a fan joked.

“How though? How do you jump that high?” a curious fan asked.

We watched the video hundreds of times on a loop at this point, and we wondered how he managed to spring so high ourselves. We can’t quite figure out where he gets all that energy or how he’s so athletic. But as someone pointed out in the comments, “Legend says he’s still jumping” today.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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