This Dog Never Goes On Walks Alone… He Has To Take His Bag Of Bread With Him!

a black dog named nikolai standing on a sidewalk as he holds a loaf of bread in his mouth during a walk with his owner, allie rudman

Like humans, every dog has their own quirks. For Nikolai, that includes carrying around a loaf of bread in his mouth as if it were a toy.

Okay, so that’s not entirely true… he actually loves to carry all sorts of things in his mouth. A loaf of bread just so happens to be one of his more amusing choices as of recent.

When Nikolai first picked up this habit (pun very much intended), he started off with objects you’d expect to find in a dog’s mouth, like toys or stuffed animals. But soon enough his choices evolved in an interesting way.

“When he was about 10 weeks old, [he] started bringing items to me he realized I wanted or needed to leave with,” Allie Rudman, his mom, said. “It started with my shoes and the car keys and morphed into other items from there.”

While the items Nikolai chooses vary depending on his mood, a common theme seems to be items that belong in the kitchen – or seem like they should to this pup, at least.

“It’s different most of the times,” Allie said. “He took my fry backpack the other day, and today he took a box of Cheerios. The box was empty and I had set it next to the trash to take out later, and he decided that’s his friend for the walk.”

Even though Nikolai has been choosing odd companions for their daily walks for a while, it wasn’t until he chose a loaf of bread that Allie decided to start sharing his quirky habit online.

It all started when she got back home with a bunch of groceries. As soon as she sat the food down, this sweet pup ran to the kitchen and excitedly brought back the loaf.

“[He] was standing by the door, so I let him take it,” she said. “I assume he wanted to bring it because it’s his favorite treat! He did indeed carry it for the entire walk and didn’t even drop it to go potty – I was laughing the entire way.”

Although there’s no way to know for sure what’s going on in Nikolai’s brain when he chooses an object to carry, it seems that doing so makes him feel safe and useful, making this cute quirk all the more heartwarming.

“A group of little kids playing outside saw him walking with the bread and all pointed and laughed at him and thought it was the greatest thing,” Allie said. We couldn’t agree more!

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