They Needed Shelter — This Teen Bus Driver Was Their Helping Hand.

City buses seldom deviate from their scheduled routes, but there are some cases that warrant an exception.

Eighteen-year-old Kyle Caswell has been driving a bus in Swindon, England for the past six months. He was finishing up his route one evening when a “visibly upset” woman with her three children came running towards the bus stop.

“I was just about to finish my duty and I was up at the Asda waiting my time, and I see her coming over [with her] children, coming over quite quickly, but I thought, ‘oh, you know, she’s gonna miss her bus’, so I waited,” Kyle recalled.

Kyle let the family onto his bus. As he finished the route, he had a conversation with the woman that chilled him to the bone. She confided that she and her kids were running away from her ex-boyfriend, who is “extremely violent.”

When it came time for him to bring the bus back to the station for the night, Kyle realized he’d be dropping them off in the same area where they got on.

“So, I got out of the cab and spoke to her for two minutes, just to try and get a picture of what happened,” said Kyle. “She told me her ex-boyfriend was in the area and he was trying to get to her and her children.”

Kyle knew he couldn’t leave them in a dangerous situation. He called his supervisor and explained the situation, then asked if he could use the bus to drive them to a relative’s home in another part of the city. They agreed, and he was able to deliver the woman and her kids to a safe spot, far from harm.

Now, Kyle’s employers and community are praising the young man for his maturity and clarity in an unusual situation.

“We are all very proud of Kyle,” stated Paul Coyne, Operations Manager for Swindon’s Bus Company. “He acted with maturity and humility. At Swindon’s Bus Company, we know we have excellent drivers, but we also look for the ability to provide great customer service when we recruit new colleagues. Kyle is the epitome of that, and he is very worthy of the praise he has received.â€

His employer later granted Kyle the Best in Town award, and they’re urging the public to approach workers like Kyle if they’re ever in danger. As for Kyle, he insists he was just doing his job.

“If I can keep people safe and make sure they aren’t in any danger, then that’s my job done, really,” he said, adding that victims of domestic violence he doesn’t even know have been reaching out to him on social media to thank him for being the hero that mother and her kids needed.

For someone so young, Kyle sure has a great head on his shoulders! We’re grateful that he was able to step in to divert a potentially dangerous situation.

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