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These 6 Lightning-Fast Dads Save The Day With Their Powerful Parental Instincts.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man starting to fall off a parked motorcycle. One of his legs is in the air and he's holding a baby with one of his hands. The second photo shows a man sleeping on a couch. A baby sits next to him and is starting to fall off the couch.

Becoming a parent can be scary, but there are countless of folks who swear by the fact that, once you have a kid of your own, you’ll be quick to notice your parental instincts kick into gear. If you need any proof, look no further than videos of dads who are tasked with the responsibility of intervening when their kid is in trouble. Seriously, it’s impressive just how lightning fast these dads can move when their kid is need.

You can find quite a few videos of these dads in action all over social media, but I’ve gathered six of my favorites for you below. Some of the situations are more dire than others, but they all showcase one thing: Just how incredible these dads are!

1. Dads sure know how to roll with the punches.

2. This Dad didn’t need his hands to catch his son!

@_kaylajo1 Dad reflexes #closecall #dadsavestheday #reflex #howyoulikethat ♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

3. He noticed her just in time!

4. Dad didn’t hesitate to use his own body as a shield.

@yenisafakenglish Quick-thinking dad uses body as a shield to protect child. #Dad #Family #Trending #Viral #China #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Yeni Şafak English

5. Not even sleep can keep this Dad from being alert to his kiddo’s needs.

6. This Dad, quite literally, swooped in to save the day.

@gsd.momx2 Babies are TOO fast!! How do i add this to the dad reflex compilation 🤔 #StemDrop001 #FomotionalFinds #baby #babytok #dadsoftiktok #dadreflex #save #thanksgiving ♬ original sound – K

Wow, I seriously can’t believe how quick these guys were on their feet! It goes to show that once you’re a parent, you’ll find yourself capable of so much more than you ever thought possible.

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here!

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